Simplified Cloud Solutions for MSOs

Software Defined Solutions for MSOs

From Headend to Customer's Premises
Software Defined Streaming Solutions
Orchestration and Virtualization of a Modern Cable TV Headend, making it dynamic, flexible and programmable for the next generation of Live TV Streaming Solutions.
ETTx Active Ethernet Solutions
Optical Transport and Active Ethernet Solutions ETTx System Architecture. 100GbE, 40GbE and 10GbE Software Defined and Automated Network Platforms.
Software Defined Wireless Solutions
Multi-Gigabit High Speed Data is easily achieved with Carrier Grade WIFI. The latest generation of WIFI Radios and Antennas are capable of Noise and Signal Interference Rejection for uninterrupted service.

Open Computing and Networking Solutions

Open Source Initiatives for Cable TV Operators

Ethernet to the Premises ETTx

1GbE and 10GbE Fiber Ethernet to Customer's Premises

WiBerX network disaggregation strategy is designed to optimize MSOs infrastructure from Headend to Customer’s Premises. WiBerX overall system design targets the inefficiencies of broadcasting technologies within Operators Video RF Infrastructure. Active Ethernet over Fiber controlled by Software Defined Architecture, streamline MSOs  Operational cost, bandwidth availability,, density and network resilience. 

Our Optical Transport Solutions have been  designed with MSOs in mind. Robust and highly available network infrastructure to enable Cable TV Operators to deploy 100GbE, 40GbE and 10GbE Active Ethernet components in parallel with existing HFC and RF operations. WiBerX Network Solutions takes advantage of Operators existing power distribution schemes to operate under the same Cable TV Network Power Infrastructure, enabling fast and efficient deployment at reasonable cost.

MSOS are aiming to offer mobility as an aggregated value to their current video and fixed data services, but this is not an easy task. Offering reliable and always available service is a true challenge if it is intended to cover Service Operators Outside Plan footprint. WiBerX provides MSOs with highly available, fast and immune to noise and signal interference Carrier Grade WIFI Solution. Our systems are based in Commodity Building Blocks Off-the-Shelf available Hardware and Open Source Software Libraries to ensure 100% interoperability with SDN and NFV Applications.

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Orchestration and Virtualization

Enabling Next Generation Cloud and Streaming Service for MSOs

Simplify and Elevate Your Game

Increase Network Efficiency and Improve your Operations
By enabling the speed of software into existing network operations, MSOs will be in a better position to compete with OTT Streaming Services.


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WiBerX is a software startup aiming to provide MSOs with the economy and efficiency of Cloud Service Providers by incorporating orchestration, virtualization and programmability into existing Cable TV Systems.