Software Defined Headend

A Game Changer for MSOs
Software Defined Headend for MSOs
Centric and Distributed Cloud Architecture for all Video Applications
Software Defined Headend delivers the economy and scalability of modern data centers and agility of Cloud Service Providers to Cable TV Operators by integrating Video Functions Virtualization into existing MSOs Operations, creating a resilient, highly available, programmable and faster streaming infrastructure.
Software Defined Architecture
From Headend to Customer's Premises
Supported by SDN and NFV Technologies, Software Defined Headend integrates Orchestration and Virtualization Frameworks into Off-the-Shelf and commercially available commodity building blocks. The integration of White Box Switches and Open Compute Servers in conjunction with Open Source Software Libraries creates ubiquitous streaming platforms that lower acquisition and operational cost. Now MSOs can obtain a competitive advantage by upgrading their existing Cable TV Infrastructure and improve aggregate efficiency and cost-effective network operations.
Agile and Open Streaming Infrastructure
Completely Designed with Small Operators in Mind
Bringing flexible and agile Cloud Infrastructure into Cable TV Operations will allow MSOs to offer a better user experience while lowering CAPEX/OPEX and improving ROI.
Commodity Building Blocks
Off-the-Shelf and Commercially Available Hardware
Open Building Blocks brings the economies and scalability of Cloud Service Providers to MSOs by decreasing cost, complexities and limitations of legacy equipment deployments.
Open Source Software
Agile and Flexible Programmable Libraries
Virtualization and Orchestration of a Video Headend Functionalities breaks Legacy Headend limitations by enabling Cable TV Networks to be run at the speed of software.
The Goal is to Offer a Better User's Experience While Being Profitable
MSOs Competitive Disadvantage
Video Streaming and Content Commercialization is becoming fiercely competitive for MSOs and profitability is decreasing to the point of generating doubts about the viability of continuing with current business subscription models. Cable TV Operators are having difficult time figuring out how to compete with OTT Service Providers and retaining their subscriber’s base. Since 2003, Cable TV Operators have lost 32M subscriptions in a phenomenon called “Cord Cutters”.

New generations of sophisticated content creators and consumers and the lack of mobile and internet streaming services are affecting the Cable Business. A very aggressive and radical approach is necessary to offer a different user experience and reduce operational expenses related to an obsolete legacy platform and business models that are no longer sustainable.

A New Generation of Competitors
Over the Top Service Operators have taken advantage of every new available technology to create an unfair competitive advantage over traditional content distributors while improving aggregate efficiency to reduce their cost of operations. How can MSOs compete if OTT marginal costs are lower and able to offer a better price point?

The Speed of Software

The greatest obstacle for MSOs is to transcend the predisposition of rejecting effective solutions just because they are unfamiliar with it. Today, an overall tech strategy is as relevant as financial ones, and this is truly hard to digest for the traditional way of thinking. It is a tech world that now belongs to developers and engineers with deep understanding in adopting technology trends that make companies successful.

There is Still Hope
Cable TV Operators must migrate to Open Source Technologies and Open Standards Hardware Infrastructure to reduce CAPEX and OPEX, otherwise, MSOs do not stand a chance in surviving the rate of innovation adopted by Cloud Service Providers and OTT Operators.

The goal of WiBerX is to bring fully tested and reliable systems integration to MSOs with lower marginal cost in comparison with Proprietary and Legacy Cable TV solutions designed with unique functionality purposes. We are aiming to assist Cable TV Operators in quickly adopting Cloud and Software Defined Technologies to overcome the limitations existing in their current RF Based Infrastructure.

Software Defined Headend Features
Video Functions Virtualization
WiBerX offers the economy and agility of Orchestration and Virtualization Technologies supporting the next generation of Live TV and Content Streaming Services for MSOs, with the scalability and resilience of modern data centers. WiBerX Software Defined Headend, in conjunction with Cloud Service Architecture, allows Subscribers to reach MSOs seamless streaming services over Local and Wide Area Networks.
Content Ingestion
Encrypted and Unencrypted over the Air Signals
8VSB and DVB-S2 Real Time Content Acquisition
Content IP Encapsulation
MPEG2 RF Format into IP Multicast and Unicast Protocols
Transforming Legacy Video Content into MPEG TS for Routable IP Services
MPEG TS Transcoding
Real Time MPEG Transcoding
Multi-Rate and Multi-Screen MPEG TS Transcoding for Live Streaming Applications
Live TV Streaming
Real Time MPEG TS Streaming
Extremely Low Latency for Live TV Streaming Services and all Screens
Conditional Access
Secure and Reliable Content Distribution
Enabling High Encrypted and Secure Access over IP for WAN and LAN Applications
Virtualization and Orchestration
VFV - Video Functions Virtualization
The Virtualization and Orchestration of Live TV Video Streaming Applications
Live TV and Multimedia
Flexible Streaming and Playback Solutions
Multi-Screens Streaming Solutions
Live TV and VoD Playback for all Screens and Devices
Open Building Blocks brings the economies and scalability of Cloud Service Providers to MSOs by decreasing cost, complexities and limitations of legacy equipment deployments.
Live TV
UHD, HD and SD Live TV Streaming Playback
Electronic Programming Guide, Live Recording and Timeshifting,
Secured Streaming
Access Control and Video Encryption
Open Encryption and Conditional Access for Content Distribution
Video on Demand
Movies, TV Shows and Entertainment
Versatile, Modern and Attractive Video on Demand UI
Music, Video, Games, Weather and Much More
New Feeds, Commercial Insertion and Third Party Multimedia
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