IP Video to Extra Dense Edge QAM
Continuum DVP eXtra Dense XDQA IP Edge QAM
Scientific Atlanta SVoD and SDV Capable IP Edge 12 Channels QAM
The Scientific-Atlanta® Continuum DVP™ eXtra Dense QAM Array 12 (XDQA12) is specifically targeted to cable operators looking for a high-end, cost and space-efficient edge solution for the advanced digital architecture. The Continuum DVP XDQA supports: XoD, broadcast, switched digital broadcast, and data applications. It is a self-contained device combining GbE Interfacing, Routing, Multiplexing, QAM modulation and up-conversion functions.
Push Content and Data to the Edge
Migrate from RF Based Backbone Infrastructure to IP and Mobile
Extending your IP Backbone to the edge is the closest move to begin transitioning to the Next Generation of IP Networks for MSOs, and Switching Digital Video (SDV) Edge QAMs are and important step in this process. WiBerX offers Integrated Video over IP and Networking Solutions to implement GbE Edge QAMs into existing HFC Networks by enabling Distributed Video Streaming Services from the Headend to the Hubs and Edge Cabinets.

MSOs benefit greatly from desegregating Video and Data Streaming closer to their subscribers, with it, MSOs improve Forward and Return Signal to Noise Ratio and RF Network Segmentation. Decongesting VoD and Docsis by increasing Channel Frequencies Availability helps MSOs to increase service density and reliability.

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Continuum DVP™ eXtra Dense QAM Array (XDQA)
Content Ingestion
Encrypted and Unencrypted over the Air Signals
8VSB and DVB-S2 Real Time Content Acquisition
Content IP Encapsulation
MPEG2 RF Format into IP Multicast and Unicast Protocols
Transforming Legacy Video Content into MPEG TS for Routable IP Services
MPEG TS Transcoding
Real Time MPEG Transcoding
Multi-Rate and Multi-Screen MPEG TS Transcoding for Live Streaming Applications
Live TV Streaming
Real Time MPEG TS Streaming
Extremely Low Latency for Live TV Streaming Services and all Screens
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