Carrier Grade WIFI

Software Defined Wireless Solutions for MSOs

Carrier Grade WIFI Solutions

Ultra High Speed Wireless Access and Mobility Service for MSOs
Cable TV Operators must adapt to rapid changes and innovations in the mobile wireless service market. ISPs restricted to direct cabling connections are risking losing great deal if wireless connectivity isn’t offered in conjunction to current data and video services.

Active Ethernet to the Antenna

Software Defined and Carrier Class Wireless Solutions for MSOs
The future is wireless, there is not a single doubt about it anymore. The biggest technological booms of our times are Mobile and the internet, with them, we have a whole world of interconnectivity and virtualization that is making it more solid and reliable. From enterprise to residential, every single individual has one or more mobile devices that interconnects them to the world, bringing the information that provides them with their choices and preferences.

For decades, mobile services have been elusive to MSOs, it seems that both concepts were mutually exclusive, except for few Operators in the US and Canada, which have implemented WIFI Access in almost every corner of their HFC Plant Footprint.

For us, unlicensed WIFI is the future of Wireless and Telecommunications, even with 5G near complete and universal deployment. The issue is not about speed or signal penetration, but which technology will offer a better cost-benefit ratio with mobile devices doubling or tripling every decade. WIFI 802.11ac currently offers higher bandwidth and data throughput than 4G LTE, and 802.11ax or WIFI 6 will offer also higher speeds than 5G at much better cost.

MSOs must soon realize, that fighting for a piece of the broadband market will require a clear and consistent strategy for implementing Carrier Class WIFI throughout their entire network footprint and embed all their current services in it.

We foresee WIFI as the future for MSOs, because as Cloud and Virtualization Technologies grow, WIFI Services would be complemented by a more reliable and faster data backbone infrastructure that will support highly available wireless networks for future grow and mobility service demand.

Ethernet Fiber Protocols to the Antenna
Highly Available and Secured Software Defined Wireless
WIFI WAP’s with 1GbE and 10GbE Direct Ethernet Fiber Connection with Wave2 802.11ac/n Wireless Access with Sectorial and Symmetric Pattern Radiation Antennas. Robust and reliable platform with highly available wireless nodes capacity and distributed management for failover and redundancy.
Distributed Network Operating System
Network Functions Virtualization and Computing Cluster for Access Control
Orchestrating and Virtualizing Network Functionalities and pushing their presence closer to the edge, make networks faster and more reliable. WiBerX integrates identity management and access control in a virtualized environment to promote network scalability, flexibility and higher cost efficiency.

Ethernet to the Antenna ETTA Switching Platforms

Ultra High Speed Fiber Access for Wireless Infrastructure
WBX6248A 48x 1GbE BaseT SDN PoE Switch
SDN and NFV Ready Carrier Grade Switch
WBX6248C PoE has 48 10/100/1000BaseT copper ports plus 2 combo SFP ports and 2 SFP+ ports. Each copper port supports auto-sensing and auto negotiation.
WBX7648A 48x 10GbE SDN Switch
SDN and NFV Ready Carrier Grade Switch
The WBX7648A is a carrier grade edge switch with deep buffers for carrier grade network deployments. WBX7648A offers 6x 100GE uplink ports and virtualization features.
WBX9032 32x 100GbE SDN Switch
SDN and NFV Ready Carrier Grade Switch
The WBX9032 v2 is a high performance, high density next generation Core switch with target application for Enterprise core, Metro Ethernet and Optical Transport Solutions.
Active Ethernet ETTx Solutions
Ultra High Speed Data over Active Ethernet from Headend to Premises is the next step up in the latest generation of Optical Transport Architecture for MSOs